Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture is a relatively new company, having been founded in 1997, in LA. Although, primary a fashion company, offering clothing, handbags, Juicy Couture also offer wristwatches, as fashion accessories. Juicy Couture models are solely for women and offer a variety of styles, make effective use of color, and will certainly tempt you to buy more than one! If you like value and variety, you should definitely consider Juicy Couture watches. The movements in Juicy Couture watches are Japanese made quartz electronic. They’re both reliable and accurate and as a benefit, they don’t require much in the way of maintenance. We’re pleased to see that the movements are Japanese; many timepieces at this price point use Chinese made movements, which are affordable but not quite as reliable as their Japanese counterparts. We would describe Juicy Couture watches styling as fun and adventurous. Juicy Couture uses lots of color, and plenty of faux gemstones and gold tones. All displays are analog, and bands are available in stainless steel, leather, and plastic, often in wild colors. Juicy Couture watches use lots of pinks, purples, multiple colors, along with more traditional gold, silver, white and black. Styling is ideal for casual day wear, business wear or the occasional glamorous evening out.