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  1. Marc Jacobs Dizz -45%

    Marc Jacobs Dizz

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  2. Marc Jacobs Tether Rose Gold -45%

    Marc Jacobs Tether Rose Gold

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  3. Marc Jacobs Courtney Rose Gold -45%

    Marc Jacobs Courtney Rose Gold

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  4. Marc Jacobs Dotty -45%

    Marc Jacobs Dotty

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  5. Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Rose Gold -45%

    Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Rose Gold

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  6. Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton -45%

    Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton

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  7. Marc Jacobs Henry -45%

    Marc Jacobs Henry

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  8. Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Gold -45%

    Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Gold

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8 Products

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A fashion house that combines like no other , the comfort of casual choices with the timelessness of classic elegance. Known for it's European class and at the same time, for the carelessness found in the American brands,it mixes and matches different styles and moods. Marc Jacobs has unique watch series, suitable for any age, look and financial status. The dials are in firmly rounded shapes and the designs are inspired by traditional watchmaking. The bouncy glam details in color and precious metals reveal a striking effect. Stainless steel and gold plated stainless steel, mineral crystals and high quality precision quartz mechanisms, form the basis, on which the well-known designer composes his creations. Leather straps on a pallet of classic color choices-white, black, navy blue- and bracelets with geometric proportions, in silver, gold and pink gold, are synonymous with Marc Jacobs. This does not mean of course, that you will not see bright colors or playful details. Known for his collaborations with artists such as the Japanese Takashi Murakami, the American designer dares to play with color and unusual details in watches. Dials in surprisingly fresh colors, colorful crystals, original materials such as rubber and ingenious word-plays with the brand's logo, give a touch of fresh air. The Marc Jacobs watches combine another trump card, in the most unique way: they are an ideal option to complete a youthful style or add a final, chic touch in a timeless look. The latest watch collections by Marc Jacobs can be found at our store in Thessaloniki, and of course, on our online shop.