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  1. Timberland Seabrook -30%

    Timberland Seabrook

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    Timberland Whitman

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  3. Timberland Brant -30%

    Timberland Brant

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Timberland watches are a staggering, cleverly crafted creation that reflects the true versatility and rugged nature of the Timberland brand. The Timberland boots are probably their most famous piece; but the watches boast all of the same incredible, tough features. Timberland began in 1952 with Nathan Swartz buying into the Abingdon Shoe Co. in New Hampshire. After ten years of working with this company, the Swartz family began producing injected moulds into the soles of their boots. From here they crafted the world’s first truly waterproof boot, with a whole host of rugged features. Today, Timberland watches are an extension of the Timberland brand with some beautifully crafted pieces giving the ultimate in versatility and strength. Here at Shade Station we are honoured to stock such an array of watches from such a fine purveyor, and we hope that the you enjoy the sheer quality of this brand as much as we.