Choosing the perfect solitaire ring is usually considered to be a greatly complicated and time-consuming process. You should visit various jewelry shops, ask about and search for the ring that you will get impressed by and that it will eventually be in the way you have imagined. Usually, there are some specific suggestions of ready-made rings that may do not match your needs and preferences.

If you feel that this process of choosing your dream ring is difficult and a bit discouraging and you wish to make a really special choice by adding your personal tone to a unique creation, Haritidis Jewerly offers to you the chance to create your own solitaire ring from scratch.

Through our website, you will find this specific section where you are able to design and create the ring of your dreams by following 3 simple steps. Firstly, you choose the setting of your preference, which will embrace the finger and showcase the stone. Secondly, you should decide what stone will accompany the setting you chose. You are equipped with an unlimited range of choices so just use the filters to find the one with the characteristics that fit your interests. Within the final stage, your choices are being combined and you are able to see the ring of your dreams. This is it! From this stage onward, we will create what you have dreamed, your ideal solitaire ring.

Watch the extensive guide that we have created for you step by step: