Payment Methods

For the execution of your order, you may use one of the following payment methods:

1. Deposit in a bank account kept in one of the following banks

For your convenience and cost-free payment, we have a bank account for all major Greek banks. Please write your full name as cause of payment, and the name of beneficiary that will appear is "Afoi Haritidi OE". For the faster processing of your order, you should also send us the receipt of payment either by e-mail at [email protected], by fax, or you can call us in order to inform us about the transaction.

Transfers related to foreign remittances or another domestic bank should be made exclusively through Eurobank. Potential costs are borne by the customer.

Bank Account: 0026.0282.11.0201401042

IBAN: GR7902602820000110201401042


Bank Account: 24000991802

IBAN: GR5701102400000024000991802


Bank Account: 715002002010247

IBAN: GR6701407150715002002010247


Bank Account5280108649454

IBAN: GR6001722800005280108649454



2. Payment by debit or credit card

It is the safest payment method, as all payments are made through the Eurobank environment through the ProxyPay³ system that guarantees transaction security and does not disclose payment details to the business. You can pay interest-free installments as long as your credit card is on the list of accepted interest-free installment cards, supported by the system. Choose Visa or Mastercard with interest-free monthly installments for instant and easy payment.



3. Cash on delivery

We shall send you your parcel by courier and you shall pay upon receipt. Cash on delivery is only supported for purchases over 49€.


4. Payment and receipt from the store


5. PayPal

PayPal payment is a widespread method of payment and transfer small amounts of money. The user creates a PayPal profile that retains their payment information and does not disclose it to the business. In this way you do not have to enter your credit information for each order, you just need to remember your PayPal password.

PayPal payment is free for purchases up to 100€. For purchases over 100€ there is an additional 4% charge.


6. Vivawallet

A modern, secure way for online payments and money transfers. It is not necessary to maintain an account at Viivawallet, as you can also complete your payment as guest. The Vivawallet accepts all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex with the possibility of interest-free installments.