Fashion nowadays is characterized by a return to nature with the use of materials that add something of nature’s beauty and magic to our daily lives in the city. Over the last few years accessories made of wood have become very sophisticated both in their production and design. Everybody can now find belts, sunglasses, mobile cases of very good quality wood. However, the best achievement is the production of watches that are almost entirely made of wood.

NIXON ROTOLOG 5wewood wooden watches

WeWood, an Italian company based in LA, has created a series of modern, wooden watches every one of which is unique and designed according to environmental standards. These watches are made of various kinds of wood such as rose, walnut, maple etc. which also defines their color. They are light, hypoallergenic and free of toxic, chemical substances. Their Miyota mechanism assures your watch’s accuracy.

WeWood Wooden WatchesWeWood Wooden Watches

WeWood Wooden Watches HaritidisWeWood Wooden Watches Haritidis

Finally all their production materials are recyclable, biodegradable and receive less carbon dioxide during the production process than the materials that are traditionally used for other watches. And in order to ensure that the brand complies with and sticks to the environmental rules, WeWood proceeded to a cooperation with American Forests (the old, non-profit, environmental organization) and plants one tree for every watch that is sold.

one watch, one tree, one planetWeWood Wooden Watches Haritidis

WeWood Wooden Watches HaritidisWeWood Wooden Watches Haritidis

Apart from WeWood watches, in our shop you can also find a special Nixon model which is inspired by the elegant simplicity of modern wooden furniture and made of wood or bamboo, with enamel and a buckle of stainless steel for a comfortable and safe fit on your wrist.



How can you wear them? Depending on your style and taste, a wooden watch can be worn both in business meetings and on weekend excursions. It goes not only with suits but also with jeans and t-shirts although it perfectly matches with knits and cloths of special textures.

wooden watcheswewood assunt collection watches

wewood kappa watcheswewood kappa collection watches

Visit Haritidis Jewelry in Thessaloniki or our e-shop and view a wide range of wooden WeWood & Nixon wooden watches in good prices in order to get the one that suits you and adds a special touch in your outings.

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