The Story

The creation of the jewelry lab by Haritidis Haralambos
In the beginning of 1970s, Haralambos Haritidis makes his first steps in the field of jewelry making. His passion and his technical skills quickly set him apart especially when it comes to wedding rings.
The foundation of the jewelry shop
His success soon leads him to set up his own jewelry store. His jewelry stands out for its design and excellent quality while his professionalism helps him build up relations of trust with his customers.
Technical upgrade of the lab with Cad-Cam systems
In the 1990s the store has already become a reliable and famous point of jewelry and brand-name watch sale. In 1999 the technical upgrade of the store with Cad-Cam systems also takes place.
Transfer to a new, privately-owned store
In 2002 the relocation of the store takes place into a privately-owned building which is aesthetically lined up with the needs of a high level jewelry store that sells a wide range of jewelry and brand name watches.
The first website on the Internet
The family tradition continues with professionalism and a business spirit that focuses on high aesthetics and technical skill while our first website is created on the internet. is the first corporate presentation and product display on the web.
Our e-shop is a fact
Our e-shop is a fact. Following the modern trends, our e-shop is an aesthetic, electronic extension of our natural existence that gives our customers the possibility to complete their purchases on line.
In 2018 we open our new store in Thessaloniki's downtown.