The proposal to become a godparent was made and you gladly accepted it. The godmother’s or godfather’s role is important and the baptism ceremony will create a strong bond between you and your godchild as well as its parents. As a godparent, you have some obligations before, during and after the ceremony which will give the child its name and signify its immersion into Christianity. Apart from your generous love, care, interest and all the other feelings you will offer to the child with the relationship you will build with it, there is a series of symbolic gifts you can offer except for the baptism cross pendant, which is necessary.


Firstly, if you know beforehand that you are going to become a godparent, you can give the child a Christian Charm or a Jesus Mary pendant, a pin or an identity bracelet, as a birth gift.



Christian charms are gold, byzantine coins that are used as amulets for pregnant women and children. A Jesus Mary pendant can also be used as an amulet. Both can be found in yellow, white or double color gold in 14 or 18 carats.


In addition, pins are cute and beautiful presents, decorated with crosses, charms and colored beads in playful combinations.


Lastly, another present that godparents or relatives often give is the identity bracelet or just a simple bracelet. If you don’t know the name yet, nothing is engraved on the identity – you come back to the jewelry store for the engraving when you finalize the name choice.






The most important and precious present you will give to the little child. Baptism Crosses are not only a piece of jewelry but also a symbol of the child’s inclusion to the Christian community as well as of the strong relationship between him/her and the godparent.


Don’t forget to begin your research early. In this way you will have the opportunity to see a variety of pieces and make any possible combinations as far as design and price are concerned. It would be ideal to choose the baptism cross together with the parents to have a second opinion. Before you enter the jewelry store, decide about the range of prices so that your decision will be easier afterwards.


As for the cross purchase, the choices are many and certainly satisfy every taste. You will find designs in yellow, white or rose gold as well as in color combinations. Gold can also be in either 14 or 18 carats depending on your preferences and your budget. As a rule of thumb however, it must be taken into account that because the baptism cross is designed for long lasting use, it must be a classic piece of jewelry.

If your godchild is a boy, your choice must come to a simpler design with a special engraving and very good quality, characteristics that will make your cross stand out.

baptism crosses boy 
Baptism Crosses for Boys


If it is a girl, you have a wider variety of options as the cross can be decorated with valuable stones or zircons or have an impressive design.

Baptism Crosses for Girls 
Baptism Crosses for Girls



Finally, if you are not the godparent but the parent of the child and want to give a present to the godfather or the godmother, you can choose among pieces of jewelry, crosses and watches for every taste.

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