Why wear one when you can wear three? Layering Necklaces is more modern than ever but the right balance may be difficult. If they are very few, the result is not nice but if they are too many, they seem overloaded.  Also if they are too close to each other, the desirable effect is lost; on the other hand when they are too far one from another, there is no connection. These are some of the problems you may face, so in this article we will give you some clever advice.

1. Hang them

Use wall hangers or hooks in order to get organize and have a complete look on your necklaces’ combination. If you see them altogether, you will get a better idea of what is the best way to combine them. Instead of trying them all around your neck, in this way you will be able to see on the wall what the right length for each one of them should be so as to best combine them. For this purpose you can also use pegs or nails.

2. Inspire

There are so many pictures with wonderful necklace combinations on the internet and on webpages such as Pinterest.  Browsing some of them and getting inspired by them, you will be able to make creative combinations with your own jewelry more easily.

                  Layering NecklacesLayering NecklacesLayering Necklaces

3. Technique

Use the following diagram to order the desirable lengths or measure the length of your necklaces with a ruler at home; in that way you will be able to create your own combinations.

Layering Necklaces Length

4. Choose your “theme”

The most important thing is to decide upon the type of combination you want to create. Do you want a hard, punk style (many chunky chains, necklaces with nails or pointed edges) or something more feminine (daintier chains with simple, cute pendants)?  When you decide upon the theme, the necklace choice will be much easier. Combine different lengths, textures and styles but always keep an element that will bring all the pieces together.

5. Decide upon the number of layers.

The number of layers you want to create is important. In order to present a multi-layered “look”, the minimum number of necklaces you need is three and it is better if all of them have various lengths. But if you want a “heavier” effect, you can add more! Remember that there must be a gap among the necklaces so that every one of them can still shine and stand out.

Layering Necklaces

6. Start from the shorter one

It is better to start with the shorter chain length and continue with the rest. The ideal length for the first chain is about 35cm and can be something personal like a necklace with a name, a letter or a small pendant. This works better for the first piece as it adds a personal touch and catches the eye. Then you can add some more chains from about 40 to 45cm in order to create the multi-layered combination.

7. Add a special necklace

Every combination needs a statement piece as this will bring all the other pieces together and finally create a thematic design and not just a collection of necklaces simply worn together. Such a piece must ideally be placed in the middle and must also be the most colorful of all the other necklaces. It will be the guide for the choice of the other basic colors and shades. For example, if your statement piece has a metal base with turquoise stones, keep the other chains silver, metal or black.

8. Add the longer ones

The final step for you is to add the longer chains in a balanced way so as to create the layering. If your shortest necklace is about 35cm, then it would be advisable for the longest one to be up to 75cm, otherwise the distance between the two will be too long and they will not match. Depending on your theme, the longest layer is your chance to be creative and add attitude and style in the final result. Combine different lengths, textures and styles. For example, if you have mostly used rose gold chains, then a long pearl necklace can be a beautiful addition for the last layer. On the other hand, if you have settled for one-color choices, you can add a bright, rose pendant to one of the longer chains.

Voila! Now you have the perfect necklace combination that matches your style!