As every year, spring is a period where many baptisms take place and it is true that parents and godparents are searching for the perfect baptism cross pendant for their little miracle. The process of searching is thought to be difficult for many godfathers and godmothers since they have to consider many things that will affect their option, such as their personal taste, the fashion trends, the amount of money that they can afford, and also sometimes parents’ opinion since they may be present during the research.

Our goal, as a store, is to make your choice an easy and pleasant process and offer to your precious moments of your life, such as the christening, the most beautiful jewels. Within our e-shop you will be able to find all the cross pendants available in our collection divided in categories and this was will help you choose faster and easier. Either concerns a boy or a girl, you will find the related category, divided in collections. The crosses of all the categories are crafted in 14 or 18 carats gold.

Classic Collection

In Classic collection you will find crosses in classic designs that have been chosen frequently over the years. The choice of a classic cross pendant for a boy remains one the most preferable options not only by godparents but also by parents. The crosses of this category are usually a simple crucifix, just like the crosses our father and grandfathers used to wear. Alternatively, apart from the crucifix, a classic choice for a cross may include simple lines and plane design. As far as the girls are concerned, a classic cross pendant is considered to be a piece that retains more strict and timeless lines. Usually, cross pendants that have been chosen for girls includes a particular surface on the cross that has been embellished with zircon or other precious stones in order to create a more impressive and girly result.


Economy Collection

The Economy collection concerns crosses, either for a boy or a girl, that do not exceed 200€, usually the cost of the cross varies between 100€ and 180€. Then, you could easily combine the cross with a chain that costs between 50€ and 100€ in order to create a result of high quality that is elegant and economical at the same time. The high quality and the detail commitment are the two core elements into creating an admirable yet also and affordable result. We make sure that an option from this category will surely satisfy both godparents and parents.


Modern Collection

Next, we have the Modern Collection that includes crosses that has been designed following more modern lines, presenting peculiar details and techniques. As far as the boy is concerned, the crosses of this category feature textured surfaces, black details following the rhodium-plating technique, additions of special design and color and finish mixture as well. For the little girls, crosses in this category are following similar lines including textured surfaces, additions of flower or heart motives and also color and finish mixture. One of the latest trends in this certain category of crosses is the use of enamel in various colors.


Premium Collection

Last but not least, one category common both for boys and girls is the Premium Collection. The crosses in this category maintain the details in high quality of all the above mentioned categories. However, they are heavier in weight and most of the times they are entirely solid or not entirely solid. Also, in this category you will be able to find crosses that have been crafted in 18 carats gold. The crosses for girls usually feature diamond stones or other precious stones. The Premium Collection consists of both classic and modern designs that will cover any special preference, even that of a demanding godparent.


Every category presents a unique option that nevertheless maintains as a core element: timelessness.

Minimal Collection

For a boy’s christening, you can find the Minimal Collection that includes crosses in timeless, simple designs featuring polished or matte surfaces without extra and unnecessary details. Many godparents, as well as parents, prefer crosses in these lines since it remains a piece of jewelry that will be worn throughout someone’s life.


Diamond Collection

For a girl’s christening you will find the Diamond Collection that presents both minimal and special crosses that have been crafted in 18 carats gold, embellished with diamonds. In the last few years, crosses of this category have been one of the main trends, concerning baptism crosses, since they are simultaneously a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn not only by a little girl but also by every woman. This collection includes designs that showcase diamond stones combinations and other precious stones such as rubies or black diamonds. Most of the products present fine or unique lines and designs creating a sense of pure elegance and luxury.


Whichever your final option is, either you opted for our store or via our e-shop, you will receive the cross inside a luxury packaging protected in the most beautiful, kids’ bag. Our kids’ bag presents the figure of a mermaid on the one side while on the other side there is the figure of a pirate. In this way, you are enjoying a complete baptism set even in the case of several clicks through your mobile phone or your computer.