It is a fact that people were always interested in diamonds’ glory. According to historical sources, the first diamonds were discovered in India around 500 BC. Initially, diamonds were used in jewelry construction, since in India it was believed that diamonds protected people from their enemies by bringing them luck. These beliefs were also present in Ancient Greece and Rome. The word diamond is not accidental since it comes from the ancient Greek word “adamas”, a term that was used to describe a hard material.

Diamonds, due to their characteristics, are considered to be a distinct category of precious stones since they are to be taken undoubtedly as the most famous and easily recognizable precious stone.

They are composed entirely of carbon, even though there is a slightly chance to consist small amounts of other chemical elements that may have an impact both on their color and their shape. As far as a diamond’s value, it is defined by four parameters, namely “The Four C’s- the Carat Weight, the Clarity, the Color and the Cut”.


Most of the diamonds are not entirely colorless. In fact, they present an amount of color which is either visible or not visible. Thus, according to these colors that the diamonds present, they are categorized into four groups, namely yellow, brown, and grey and also the black diamond.

The black diamond is equally hard with the colorless diamond, even though, as far as is concerned, its gravity is approximately 100 times lower (Specific gravity is a way to express the relative density of a gemstone.

It is measured as the ratio of the density of the gemstone to the density of water). Its black color is the result of the existence of a great number of black inclusions inside the stone that absorbs the light emerging from the diamond.

Apart from the color, the black inclusions included inside the black diamond determine to a great extend its clarity. Inclusions, which are also known as “internal impurities”, are formed before, during or after the crystallization of the diamond and differ from one diamond to another as far as the number, the position, the size, the naturalness and their color are concerned.

As far as the cut is concerned, it usually comes as a result of two types of cut, namely a mixed cut. During polishing process, which is one of the most important processes that have to be followed, the crown of the diamond takes a brilliant cut, while the cullet takes a form of an eight cut. It has to be mentioned at this point that the cullet of the stone does not necessarily has to take the form of a completed cut since it is the base of the diamond stone.

It was in 1900 when the black diamond was initially used in jewelry construction. Interestingly, the black diamond has been in the center of attention for lovers of precious stones. Brazil’s black diamond (carbonado) should be distinguished from the rest of black diamonds.

To be more concrete, it is considered to be the hardest form that a diamond can take and it is composed mainly of graphite and carbon, while its natural appearance has a black or deep grey color.

The most famous black diamonds

The extraction of an impressive black diamond has always been an admirable process that attracts world’s attention. Some of the most famous black diamonds that have ever been extracted are the one of Black Amsterdam Diamond and The Spirit of Grisogono.


Black Amsterdam Diamond

Black Amsterdam Diamond was extracted in South Africa in 1972 and was estimated to be approximately 55.85 carats. Its name is inspired from the Netherlands’ capital and this is due to two reasons.

Firstly, it was the city where the diamond was cut. Secondly, the Black Amsterdam Diamond took its name in order to celebrate the 700th city anniversary, a city that has been known as “the city of diamonds”.

Due to the fact that this specific diamond was greatly hard and porous, the process of its cut demanded an operation that has been characterized by great mastery.

Today, the Black Diamond is a black diamond of 33.74 carats in pear-shape cut and embellish a necklace that has been sold 352.000$ in an auction that took place in 2001. The specific necklace also showcases 15 smaller diamonds in brilliant cut.

The Spirit of the Grisogono

It is without doubt that the specific black diamond is considered to be one of the most precious stones that have ever been extracted, since it is the biggest black diamond that has ever been cut. When its extraction took place, it was a black diamond of 587 carats. Its name derives from a jeweler’s name that proceeded with the diamond’s cut, the Helvetian De Grisogono. Today, the specific diamond is a black diamond of 312.24ct in mogul cut and it is set in a ring crafted in white gold that is embellished with 702 smaller diamonds of total weight 36.69ct.


The most famous black diamond engagement rings


Mr Big & Carrie Bradshaw

«Because you are not like anyone else», is the phrase with which John Preston or Mr. Big explained to Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the American series “Sex and the City”, why he chose to propose to her with a black diamond ring.

This ring was crafted in 18K white gold and showcased a 5 carat black diamond, while the ring’s shank was embellished with smaller diamonds. Essentially, this ring was the symbol for one of the biggest TV’s love stories.

Rob Patterson & Carmen Electra

In April 2008, guitarist Rob Paterson proposed to the American actress Carmen Electra with a ring that featured a black diamond central stone in round cut.

As the actress herself admitted “It is a black diamond, perfect for us. Different-it’s our style”.