The precious stone of kings

A royal wedding is considered, undoubtedly, as a social event that attracts world’s attention. However, apart from its historical importance, royal weddings are also special due to additional reasons. One of those reasons is the engagement ring.

In 1981, Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana by the glory of a 12 Carats Sapphire ring, which was perimetrically decorated with 12 additional, smaller, diamonds. This specific ring was Princess Diana’s personal choice, since it intensively reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring. Even though it have been 37 years, this ring continues to be considered as a specially admirable jewel, since Kate Middleton is its current owner after Prince William’s proposal, in November 2010; since then each of her unique public appearance is accompanied by this specific ring, rendering it, in the consciousness of people, as the most famous ring among royal engagements..


One of the hardest precious stones

So, Sapphire constitutes, undoubtedly, the precious stone of Kings, since, apart from its usage as an engagement ring, Kings of earlier years thought that it protected them from enemies, while it simultaneously symbolized pride and devotion. Additionally, it is considered as the birthstone for September; it is a variety of the mineral corundum and is the second hardest mineral after diamond on the Mohs scale (a qualitative scale characterizing the resistance of various minerals); Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (10 is the maximum level of hardness). This characteristic hardness of Sapphire makes them the ideal choice for an engagement ring, while Sapphire jewels provide the dynamic you need to boost your style.

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Where does its intense color come from?

The word sapphirehas its roots in the ancient Greek word “sappheiros”, which initially was about a semi-precious tectosilicate mineral of deep blue color, which was originally named as lazourite. As a precious stone, Sapphire was discovered around 1800. Its color is the result of various trace elements, which are contained in the mineral corundum. Specifically the blue color, which constitutes the most common Sapphire color, results mainly from the existence of both iron and titanium. On the other hand, the pink color, comes from the existence of several trace elements of chromium, while greater amounts of chromium offer to Sapphire an intense red color, which in this case, it is characterized as Ruby.

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In which way does its value determined?

As far as the determination of Sapphire’s value, in most cases it is the color that decides the price level. The more intense the Sapphire’s color is the more precious and expensive will be its value. Among the factors that determine the Sapphire’s value, the color dissimilarity as well as its flat or stripped surface, are of great importance. The biggest Sapphire mines are traced in Thailand, in Tanzania and in Montana, USA.

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