If you have already found your soul-mate and the only you are only missing the engagement ring, then what follows may prove especially helpful to you. In this article you will find some alternative options that are different from the classic engagement rings as well as some useful advice concerning bridal shopping. The classic engagement ring is certainly very popular but we often hear, especially from young couples, that they look for an alternative option, something that diverges from its classic form. Regarding your engagement ring choice you surely have many options but the most important thing is to find the one that not only expresses you but, mostly, your fiancée.

black diamond ringblack diamond ring

Recently, the black diamond option has become more and more popular. Black diamonds are very rare and hard-to-find – like the true love – and that’s why it represents an especially symbolic choice. Combined with rose gold in 18K, this black diamond ring with the small diamonds surrounding it is a special and unique choice.

alternative Engagement Rings tourmalineEngagement Rings tourmaline

The two engagement rings with tourmaline above follow the same line. Tourmaline can be found in various colors and impressive shades in its interior. You can choose between a ring with a red tourmaline combined with white gold in 18K and diamonds or a pink tourmaline, in rose gold, in 14K and zircon, which is a more affordable option.

Engagement Rings zoisiteEngagement Rings ruby

Zoisite and rubies give us the possibility to create unique jewelry in a more abstract line. On the left, the dark green zoisite with rose gold in 18K and on the right, the pink ruby in the same form.

alternative Engagement Rings tourmaline sapphire alternative Engagement Rings tourmaline sapphire

Another alternative ring option but equally beautiful is the sapphire. Either in a more asymmetrical shape or in oval, combined with rose gold in 18K and many small diamonds surrounding it, always impresses with its deep blue color.


Of course, we cannot exclude emerald from our list. The emerald, already known from ancient times, is considered to be a precious gem that brings luck and good health. A heart-shaped ring of white gold in 18K with emerald in the center and small diamonds decorated around it is certain to capture your girlfriend’s heart. On the other side, there is the impressive ruby. Its name derives from the Latin word “ruber”, which means red, and it is regarded one of the four precious gems, together with the diamond, the sapphire and the emerald. The ring with a heart-shaped ruby in the center, combined with white gold in 18K and small diamonds around will surely impress everyone.


Following in our list is a ring with a very interesting geometrical shape, the trillion.  Combining the triangle shape in brilliant form, it is a shape that perfectly fits the aquamarine. In this case, the ring, combined with white gold in 18K and small diamonds around, gives not only an impressive but also a very modern and minimal result. Moreover, the garnet ring is a very elegant and impressive ring with vintage elements. Combined with gold in 18K and diamonds, it is an all-time classic.


Finally, a very beautiful and alternative choice is the pearl ring. The precious pearls are part of every woman’s jewelry collection as they can accompany her with their elegance in casual and more formal occasions. On the left, the ring of white gold in 14K with a pearl and zircon is a classic, impressive, pearl ring while on the right, the ring of gold in 14K with a pearl and zircon is a more minimal but equally modern choice.

Don’t forget, therefore, that there are a lot of different and impressive options and a great variety of rings if you want to make a marriage proposal to your beloved. Follow your other half’s taste and make a beautiful and unique choice for this special occasion in Haritidis Jewelry!