Haritidis Jewelry presents BULOVA watches, a high quality American brand that has taken hold in the watch industry and has become famous for its innovations and the advanced technology it uses in its watches. BULOVA – already leader in the market – was set up in 1875 in New York by Arde Bulova, an emigrant from Bohemia. It is characterized by an exceptional know-how and offers unique collections in both modern and classic lines, suitable for every occasion. It boasts a wide range of high accuracy watches, for both men and women, with popular series like Accutron from which the first fully electronic hand watch came and Precisionist whose watches maintain an accuracy of +/- seconds per year. More specifically, the worldwide known “Bulova Accutron” sold more than 4 million pieces until its production stopped in 1977. Therefore, it is not incidental that Apollo 11 which landed on moon in 1969 was equipped with an Accutron mechanism.

One of its long lasting principles is the use of the best quality products in watches and mechanisms and the perfection in the design of every piece. Watches of gold-plated steel, finely decorated with diamonds and ivory, elegant bracelets, sophisticated dials with striking details and the use of Duramic, a synthetic material which is used exclusively by BULOVA on its watches’ case. At the same time, elegant straps are used in a variety of designs, made of high quality leather so that the watches can last over time. Unique for the valuable watches it offers is the Bulova Diamond Collection as it comprises watches decorated with diamonds and precious stones of different kinds.

Additionally, for the classic line fans, Bulova Vintage Collection and Ultra Slim Classic Collection series offer pieces in more classic and delicate lines, accompanied by either leather straps or bracelets made of stainless steel.

If you love accuracy, style and elegance, then there is no better choice for you than Bulova watches. Browse Haritidis Jewelry and see the whole watch series of the brand.