It is important for a man to be able to get dressed in style and realize the significance of an investment in quality jewelry. This kind of jewelry is produced in such a way in order to last long and sometimes look better within time.

Men’s Jewelry is not a new trend. For many years men have shown a preference for cuff links, tie clips and watches but nowadays they seem to experiment with the type of accessories that, up until now, were considered strictly feminine. Historically, men all around the world have worn earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chains, charms, rings and many other things.

The choice of mens jewelry can become difficult, sometimes daunting. Which pieces match together? When are they too many? How can I have a masculine look? These are some questions you may have.

First, remember that a simple, neutral style in clothes can work as a canvas for the jewelry to stand out. You don’t need anything else to catch the others’ attention (for example other accessories, bright colors etc.)

Finding high quality jewelry to wear on your wrist or around your neck at any time is easier said than done. It may be difficult to find something that looks good, is resilient and, the most important, you don’t need to take off. UomOro collection is a characteristic example that combines quality, resilience and elegance with finely-made designs and material combinations in a wide variety.

mens jewelry haritidis
mens jewelry haritidis


Some jewelry can be very special or bold but their size makes them elegant and more casual. Size is one of the most important things you have to take into account when it comes to men’s jewelry. It is better if you have many, smaller pieces instead of one, bulky piece because it rarely looks masculine and it always seems old-fashioned.

mens jewelry haritidis


Buy classic pieces. A good, classic watch, a pair of elegant, easy to wear cuff links, a ring or a cross can be the base for a man’s jewelry collection and satisfy his needs on every occasion. A watch gives the prestige that every man wants and the cuff links is the small detail that can perfect every look. Men’s rings are either pieces with sentimental value or symbolize something. Their design is plain and masculine and completes every outfit. Finally the cross is a special piece with a special symbolism and value.

Every jewelry has its own role to play and by making the necessary choices and the appropriate combinations to keep the right balance, you can stand out in every of your outings.