No other brand epitomizes the American lifestyle so perfectly as that of the American designe Michael Kors who is now at the top of high street fashion. The brand is known for its smart clothes, the impressive accessories and the bags but it is also one of the most famous designer brands in the world in the production of impressive, beautiful and high quality watches and jewelry. Michael Kors is one of the most respectable names in jewelry industry and many admirers of his work consider that they never have enough of his valuable watches, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. His unique style is immediately recognizable as he is one out of a few designers that has so many followers. His watches and jewelry have been worn by some of the most powerful and prominent men and women, proving their quality, style and beauty.

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Designed especially for the real woman and based on jet-set lifestyle, Michael Kors Jewelry collection is ideal for glamorous daily outings. With characteristics borrowed from the latest clothes collections that were presented in the catwalks, the jewelry series includes a collection deeply influenced by fashion trends with bold “statement” pieces. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings flow smoothly from day to night. With a variety of valuable materials like synthetic tortoiseshell, exotic skins, semiprecious stones and zircon crystals, these pieces will complete all of your outfits.  The most characteristic patterns of MK collection are the padlocks, the hearts and the logo with the designer’s initials that are updated and distributed again with every new collection.

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Femininity meets beauty in the new summer collection which is based on the pyramid patter in combination with shining, semiprecious stones from a pastel color palette. Amethyst, carnelian and rose quartz offer a discreet but impressive detail. Hand-carved stones in various sizes are combined beautifully with shining steel and create the coolest look for this summer.

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The Brilliance summer collection includes classic colors such as gold, silver and rose gold shades and shining crystals. The jewelry of this collection is ideal for layering or adding some brilliance in every outing.

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The Core collection includes jewelry with the favorite tortoiseshell pattern. Bracelets and rings combine synthetic tortoiseshell with bright acetate for a fresh and modern color-block style.

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Michael Kors Jewelry collection offers a distinctive sense of luxury both in classic and modern designs with equal shades of brilliance, high style and elegance that add up to create the unarguably excellent style of the brand. Either for yourself or for a present, a Michael Kors watch or piece of jewelry will never let you down.