In fashion generally everything comes back and so does retro fashion which shows a great revival in the last few years. Whether it is about men or women fashion, retro clothes, accessories, shoes and watches are some of the most sought-after pieces. This trend has resulted in a comeback of many watches, inspired by the 80s and 90s, which have a simple and refined design. However, some new characteristics and the up-to-date appearance is what makes the difference.

casio digital watches

One perfect example of this kind of watches is the Casio series with the digital, vintage watches that were fashionable some decades ago. Elegant watches of stainless steel, in silver, gold or black color, which are very affordable and suitable not only for daily use but also for more formal occasions.

casio digital watches

Their advantages are many: First, they are practical. They display the date and the time, they have a calendar, a chronometer and an audio signal. There is also illumination so that you can tell the time in darkness. The battery lasts up to seven years. Nothing more, nothing less. They are just simple and practical.

casio digital watches

casio digital watches

Secondly, they are attractive to look at. There is a basic quality in their design, they are functional, plain, clean-cut but not boring. They match perfectly not only with a suit but also with a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

casio digital watches

casio watches

In addition, they are light, delicate and discreet. You don’t feel that you wear them.

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Finally, they have a very good price which ranges from 30 to 70 euros. Taking also into account that their battery is designed to last up to seven years, it is the best choice if you want to combine good quality and affordable prices.

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The watches of the Casio series were loved a lot during the last decades but they are still loved even more nowadays. You can see them on the wrists of young as well as older people. You can find these attractive watches in a wide variety in our jewelry shop so that we can choose the one that represents your personal style.

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