Oversized watches were just a simple trend in the past but nowadays one can say that they are the first choice among men and, sometimes, women. Some people may support that small-sized watches are more classic but there is no denying that oversized watches are better, more impressive and may have a classical style at the same time.

oversized watches haritidis

Half a century ago, watches were one quarter the size they are today. Over the last few decades though, they have become bigger and bigger, more bulky and resistant. In fashion shows during autumn 2014 oversized watches appeared again, proving that they have come to stay.

oversized watches haritidis

oversized watches haritidis

Even if it is not your daily choice, there is always time and place for an oversized watch. It may become an integral part of your wardrobe if you take into account – during its selection – the color palette of your clothes and the color of the metal that most of your jewelry is made of. For example, if you have a gold wedding or engagement ring, it would be ideal to buy a gilded, stainless steel watch. Oversized watches can be worn by themselves for a more minimal look or together with some bracelets, creating a more impressive appearance. This versatility proves that they can be an investment which will certainly last over time.

The size has become as important as the color, the style or the material when it comes to watch selection. One reason for the popularity of oversized watches is that when women began to wear men’s watches – as they were fashionable – men started to look for something even bigger. Therefore, the market created the oversized watch in order to satisfy the demand for something even bolder and more masculine. Men who used to wear a watch 36-40mm in diameter have started to feel more comfortable wearing slightly bigger watches (39-42 mm). Today a 42 mm watch is considered normal and many popular watches are even bigger.

oversized watches haritidisoversized watches haritidis

The success of the international watch brand TW Steel can be attributed to the reasons above. TW Steel always promotes the oversized watch trend. Because of the reasonable prices and the flexibility in the design it has managed to get its own fans. Famous people such as Coco Rocha, Kelly Rowland, Kivanc Tatlitung, Tyrese Gibson, Hilary Rhoda and Jay-Z have worn TW Steel watches. The fact that all these people come from different walks of life proves that an oversized watch can be suitable for everyone.

tw canteen oversized watches haritidis oversized watches haritidis

Another company that also supports big-sized watches is Diesel. The watches in this company have fanatic supporters, mostly of young age and with bold style. Boldness is something that characterizes Diesel as it creates watches of unique design and really big size. For example, the impressive Diesel Mega Chief has 59 mm diameter and 15 mm thickness.

       oversized watches haritidis Mr. Daddy watch oversized watches haritidis

Finally, Nixon has a great variety in oversized watches. The special design, the fine finish and the material quality of Nixon watches make them a great investment. The 51-30, 48-20 and Magnacon series satisfy the needs of a man who prefers big watches while the 42-20 and Spur series are for women who look for an oversized watch for their outings.

   nixon kensington oversized watches haritidis nixon 48-20 gold blue

In today’s world of personal expression and way of living, there will always be a place for oversized watches. Lightweight materials of high quality such as titanium and carbon fiber will make the design of even bigger watches possible in the future. How big will these watches become? Only time will tell…