The moment we thought we had seen every possible variation in a watch design, Robert Dabi, the German designer of ZIIIRO company, came to initiate us in a new way of time telling that will replace the classic hands and numbers. If you are looking for both an impressive, futuristic, eye-catching watch and a practical tool of time telling, then in the ZIIIRO watch collection you will find what you are looking for. Within time, the brand gets off the ground and its success is based on a number of factors that combine and create unique models.

ziiiro-shooting1-for-web-10 ziiiro-shooting1-for-web-21

ZIIIRO Mercury is made to be an everlasting miracle. This watch shows the time in a unique manner. The internal swirl moves  in an orderly and circular way while its end shows the time. The external swirl shows the minutes in a similar manner. The Japanese quartz mechanism assures a high level of accuracy. The simplicity and elegance of this watch is completed with the bracelet and the case of stainless steel. Mercury is available in five color combinations. With this watch, time doesn’t simply go by but swirls!

 ziiiro mercury ziiiro mercury

ziiiro mercury ziiiro mercury

Next, the watches of the Celeste collection are refined pieces which fit in a variety of occasions and, undoubtedly, they will be the reason for discussion with whoever notices them. Celeste shows the time in an elegant and visually appealing way while the technology used is quite simple. The dial consists of colorful, rotating discs which are made of semi-transparent material. The two discs overlap depending on the time and the colors change. One line shows the time while the other, the minutes. The watch bezel has marks to help you have a more accurate indication of time and very soon you will get used to watching the time very easily.

ziiiro celeste ziiiro celeste

ziiiro celeste blue couple ziiiro watch love

Another ZIIIRO model is the Eclipse which imitates one of the most spectacular and unforgettable natural phenomena, the eclipse, allowing you to face the same beauty every day. Using Swiss Super-Lumi Nova, a copyright patent pigment, the eclipse enables absolute visibility all the time with impressive illumination in the dark. Perhaps it is the most minimalist ZIIIRO model and the color combinations in which it is available are stunning.

ziiiro eclipse ziiiro eclipse

ziiiro eclipse ziiiro eclipse

ZIIIRO Saturn is the most recent model of the brand and certainly, one of our favorite through its extensive catalogue. The specific watch has a variety of characteristics that will probably appeal to you, such as the unique, digital face that separates the hours and minutes into segments, the case and the bracelet of stainless steel and the four different colors. As a result, you have the chance to choose the one that fits your own individual taste.

ziiiro saturn ziiiro saturn

Impressive watches like these are not usually well-made. In the case of ZIIIRO watches however, we are amazed by both the clever balance between fine design and functionality and the creation of a new, affordable, smart watch that dares to be different. Dare to follow the most extraordinary suggestion for 2016. Certainly, you won’t get bored watching the time and the people around you won’t stop looking with admiration at your new watch.

The game isn’t over till the clock says ZIIIRO.