The most romantic day of the year is almost there. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14 and is considered to be a day devoted to people who are in love. If it is true that love is celebrated each and every day with little moments and things, then it is also true that every now and then promises, words or even daily life should be renewed with a special action towards our beloved ones. For example, a small thank you to our partners for always being by our side, supporting us and staying with us during every challenge that life offers to us.

Valentine’s Day seems the perfect chance to surprise our partner with a special gift. One small but precious thought that will remind them every day how important is your person to you.

So, if you are looking to give your special one a truly romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, think of jewelry. The important thing regarding jewelry is the huge variety available. Whether your Valentine prefers casual style or adores luxury, they will truly appreciate our idea to choose the ideal piece of jewelry for them.

Even though there are countless gift ideas, you can see below the best jewelry or watch options either for him or for her.

4 Gift options for her


1. A heart ring

Even though your partner will appreciate every ring of all designs and sizes, rings presenting a heart design or showcasing a heart-shaped stone will be the perfect choice for this special day. Prefer precious materials and stones in the shape of love.


2. Jewelry with a hidden message

You could go for a necklace that may seem as another heart-shaped piece of jewelry but a personal hidden message could be placed at the back of the jewel.


3. Jewels with a personal tone

An identity jewel or a heart can be the base that you can engrave a very important date of your relationship, your initials letters or anything else you prefer.

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4. Better together – Gift sets

Last but not least, because two gifts are always better than one, you can make a smart purchase by choosing a gift set that includes for example a watch that goes along with a piece of jewelry.

cluse-gift-set MK3827

 4 Gift options for him


1. A piece of jewelry for him

If your partner is one of those men that prefer wearing bracelet or rings, then you can choose to expand his collection. There are casual options but also more impressive and precious ones to make him a little happier.

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2. A watch to count the hours till he sees you…

Whatever his style is, there is always a watch that goes with his personal taste. You have the chance to choose over various categories of brand watches, such as athletic, casual, minimal or more formal ones.

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3. Wooden accessories

Whether your partner is fan of special accessories or unusual materials and designs, Wewood products will not leave him disappointed. Wewood is a brand that makes watches, bow ties, shoulder straps having wood as their basic material giving emphasis on the design but also showing care towards environment.

papigion-tirantes-haritidis Bow Ties & Suspenders

4. Accessories for Professionals and more..

A delicate pen or a formal folder could be the perfect and ideal gift for your beloved one, especially in case where he does an office work. Additionally, ou could go for a key chain, a wallet or a bag for little trips or even a back bag for the gym.

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Whichever your final option is, make sure to put our personal taste and love.

All the above mentioned products and even more can be found both in Haritidis Jewelry shop and online via