Valentine’s Day is an occasion that gives the opportunity to every single one to express their feelings of love to their companion. It is celebrated on 14 February all around the world. While women are known to be more romantic, this day gives men the opportunity to please their beloved and see her eyes shine when she first sets eyes on the present which they have so attentively chosen. It is this smile on her face and the happiness in her eyes for which men try to think the ideal present even for whole weeks. Flowers and a box of chocolates are some of the most usual presents for Valentine’s Day but they, definitely, will not last long. For this and for many other reasons, a piece of jewelry is the best present to give.

Further down, you will find some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and watches for both men and women which you can give as a present and make your other half even happier.

For women, hearts, red and pink color, roses and arrows are some of the symbols that express a feeling of romanticism and love on Valentine’s Day.

  • Red: Red is, beyond doubt, the color of passion and love, so a ring or a necklace with a red garnet consists a very elegant and beautiful choice.

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  • Heart: Jewelry with heart shapes is the safest and most suitable choice for this day and you will be able to choose among a great number of rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets with hearts in various sizes and designs.

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  • Other symbols: The arrows of God Eros, infinity that symbolizes the magnitude of your love, the rings that represent the bond between you and a number of other options are your alternative choices for a jewelry – symbol.

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  • Word: Choose some jewelry that depicts what you feel, so that your beloved will see and remember it every day.

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Regarding men, the present you are going to choose does not contain symbols such as hearts and flowers but, definitely, your choice should be based on his taste and needs. You can opt for one of the countless watch designs or some jewelry made of steel or gold.

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Finally, if you are looking for a beautiful but not expensive present, you can choose among jewelry for both men and women from  GuessTommy HilfigerVitaly and Uomoro as well as watches from KomonoCasioWewood etc.

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Find even more choices by clicking on the special category Valentines’s Day and, generally, on Haritidis Jewelry e-shop.  Whatever your final decision, it will be certainly appreciated by your other half since it will be your own message of love on this specific day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!