Christmas holidays are getting closer, so we start thinking about…

What shall we buy for our beloved ones?

The answer is sometimes simple and effortless but other times it can take hours or even days.  A personal present is, at the same time, a message. How well do you know a person? What does your choice reveal about yourself? In addition, you also have to choose among hundreds of options and this, by itself, can be a very difficult task.

Haritidis jewelry store suggests unique presents for him, hoping to make your final choice a lot easier this year! If you like one of our products, all you need to do is click on the respective link and place the order either online or by phone. We offer you free shipping on the same day all over Greece and free pay on delivery or, alternatively, payment by card.

If you are interested in buying a watch, in Haritidis Jewelry store you can find a great variety of choices. You can get in touch with us on Facebook, on 2310-770780 or through email in our email address: [email protected]. We will help you find the watch you have been dreaming of.

Leather strap or bracelet? Rose or yellow gold? Here there are some interesting suggestions:

The first two models from Daniel Wellington and Nixon are more suitable for young people. From the one hand, the classic Daniel Wellington model is simple, elegant and matches with several styles.


Nixon, on the other hand, with the gold bracelet is a very special choice and will certainly impress men with a modern style and those who follow the latest fashion trends.


Diesel watches have a unique style and are ideal if you are looking for a bigger watch size. This specific Diesel model has an industrial line, typical of this series, and is characterized by a harmonic combination between leather and metal.


If you would like something more classic, Hugo Boss is a perfect option. Although this specific model can be worn by people of all ages, it may be the best choice for men between 30 and 40 years old as it has style, prestige and can be worn all day.


While metal bracelets are said to be more appropriate for outings in the morning while leather ones are more suitable at night, this is not, of course conclusive. Your style is defined by you and you choose whatever makes you feel good. Ingersoll company provides you with both alternatives. The first watch is more sportive while the second is more impressive.


Apart from metal and leather, you can also opt for wood and plastic without losing your style.


WeWood watches are made of wood and are suitable for someone who likes more unusual choices.

Polar and Suunto offer the perfect watches to someone who loves exercising and running as he can use their clever characteristics like their GPS.

Who said that a present must be expensive in order to be nice?

Browse our suggestions and choose the perfect gift with less than 100 euros.

Casio offers modern solutions that will impress without spending too much money.

Which one will you choose? Gold, silver or black?

Haven’t you decided yet? We have some more suggestions for you.

Budget: Under 100

Komono watches are beautiful, easy to wear and very affordable. The first model combines the brown strap with the dark, blue dial while the second one “plays” with the black.

If you are not looking for a watch, you can choose a man’s bracelet like the one of UomOro, or a pair of cufflinks, with those of Tommy Hilfiger to be a pretty affordable choice.

If you can spend more money but you are not looking for a watch, you could buy a man’s cross or cufflinks for your beloved one.

Finally for someone you know that he likes bracelets, one good choice would be UomOro bracelet in black and gold.

If you haven’t come to a conclusion as to the ideal present yet, despite our suggestions, visit our online shop for a wider variety of products and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

We hope that you will find soon the present that matches your needs, even if this is a present for yourself!

We wish you Happy Holidays!