AVI-8 is the abbreviation of “Aviation 8” and belongs to the British Dartmouth Brands Ltd., based in London. As their name suggests, AVI-8 watches have an aviation style. Through their high quality and their functional design, they absolutely blend with the aviation watch tradition of both the Second World War and the Post War era. These beautiful watches remind us of the glorious Royal Air Force and the heroic pilots of its legendary fighter aircrafts and bombers, such as the Hawker Hurricane and the Hawker Typhoon.

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AVI-8 watches have a round case of classic or black stainless steel but there are also some models with gold or pink steel. There is a variation in the dial design as well as in the colors available. The straps that accompany the case are made of leather, cloth or, in some cases, bracelet. Many watches of this brand have an automatic, Japan mechanism. Another characteristic of AVI-8 watches are some small details like the miniature depiction of an aircraft under the brand’s logo or a minuscule aircraft on the seconds’ hand. As with all aviation watches, AVI-8 watches also include several indications on their dial in a way which reminds us the equipment of a cockpit. The date indication is a common characteristic for these watches.

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The big collection comprises the Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Hunter, Hawker Harrier II, Lancaster Bomber, Supermarine Seafire, Hawker Typhoon, Curtiss Tomahawk and Flyboy, all names from the famous military aircrafts of the British Aviation, with the exception of the Flyboy series that is inspired by the young pilots who fought during the war. The watches of the Hawker Hurricane series took their name from the military aircraft of the Second World War. The Hawker Hunter series brings into mind the legendary single-seated aircraft which was constructed for the Royal Air Force and its allies and was inaugurated in 1954. The specific aircraft was the first military aircraft equipped with radar and a control flight system. Curtiss Tomahawk was the glorious, shark-faced fighter aircraft and the watches of this series equal to a legend.

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The AVI-8 company is not limited into producing only watches. It also offers watch sets in kits with its logo that include wallets, key chains, straps, credit card and travel document cases, among others.

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