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  1. Skagen Hagen World Time -40%

    Skagen Hagen World Time

    Now Only €172.00 Regular Price €287.00
  2. Skagen Freja Gold -40%

    Skagen Freja Gold

    Now Only €130.00 Regular Price €217.00
  3. Skagen Hagen Dual-Time -40%

    Skagen Hagen Dual-Time

    Now Only €138.00 Regular Price €230.00
  4. Skagen Ancher -40%

    Skagen Ancher

    Now Only €145.00 Regular Price €241.00
  5. Skagen Holst -40%

    Skagen Holst

    Now Only €130.00 Regular Price €217.00
  6. Skagen Rungsted -40%

    Skagen Rungsted

    Now Only €145.00 Regular Price €241.00
  7. Skagen Grenen -40%

    Skagen Grenen

    Now Only €103.00 Regular Price €171.00
  8. Skagen Freja Rose Gold -40%

    Skagen Freja Rose Gold

    Now Only €109.00 Regular Price €181.00
  9. Skagen Ditte Rose Gold -40%

    Skagen Ditte Rose Gold

    Now Only €129.00 Regular Price €215.00
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9 Products

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Swiss inspired Skagen watches, were created by the husband and wife Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, as a way to bring luxury Swiss watches to a wider audience. Affordable and accessible, Skagen watches offer the same clean lines and precision Swiss watch movements found in European-made watches do -at a much lower prices. With a Skagen watch, you won't have to sacrifice style for the sake of your budget. Named after a European beach town, Skagen watches draw their inspiration from the smooth sea and rugged coastal beaches that inspire artists everywhere. In 2010, Skagen watches won two prestigious Red Dot awards for their distinguished designs that are based on these inspirational elements. Skagen makes watches for both men and women that are available in a variety of colors and designs. Always chic and never flashy, each Skagen watch continues to be personally designed by the Jorsts. Despite Skagen's rapid success, they remain dedicated to making watches that capture the essence of Denmark and convey a sense of simple sophistication.