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  1. Esprit Man Black Silver Case & Bracelet -30%

    Esprit Man Black Silver Case & Bracelet

    Now Only €118.00 Regular Price €169.00
  2. Esprit Ease Chrono Silver -30%

    Esprit Ease Chrono Silver

    Now Only €126.00 Regular Price €180.00
  3. Esprit Lusid Rose Gold -30%

    Esprit Lusid Rose Gold

    Now Only €104.00 Regular Price €149.00
  4. Esprit Slice Glam -30%

    Esprit Slice Glam

    Now Only €97.00 Regular Price €139.00
  5. Esprit Slice Gold -30%

    Esprit Slice Gold

    Now Only €104.00 Regular Price €149.00
  6. Esprit Slice Silver -30%

    Esprit Slice Silver

    Now Only €77.00 Regular Price €110.00
  7. Esprit Essential Gold -30%

    Esprit Essential Gold

    Now Only €98.00 Regular Price €140.00
  8. Esprit Grace Gold -30%

    Esprit Grace Gold

    Now Only €111.00 Regular Price €159.00
  9. Esprit Play Rose Gold -30%

    Esprit Play Rose Gold

    Now Only €111.00 Regular Price €159.00
  10. Esprit Magnolia Gold/Grey -30%

    Esprit Magnolia Gold/Grey

    Now Only €83.00 Regular Price €119.00
  11. Esprit Essential Rose Gold -30%

    Esprit Essential Rose Gold

    Now Only €104.00 Regular Price €149.00
  12. Esprit Essential Gold -30%

    Esprit Essential Gold

    Now Only €90.00 Regular Price €129.00
  13. Esprit Gold Chronograph -30%

    Esprit Gold Chronograph

    Now Only €111.00 Regular Price €158.00
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13 Products

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The popular brand “Esprit”, has been offering for years now, it's own perspective to the watch industry. Balancing harmoniously a classical touch with a youthful element, Esprit watches are an ideal choice, either for yourself or for gift to your beloved ones. Innovative design, attractive elements and detailed refinements. All of the above are characteristic of Esprit, a brand that has created a range of watches with great variety. From timeless classics to modern pieces, the “it” watch is here for both men and women. Amazing pieces based on a more traditional look are enhanced with a modern and playful twist, in affordable prices. The exciting mixes of materials, shapes and refinements, combined with the modern and impressive designs inspire our imagination and express every personality. At Haritidis jewelry in Thessaloniki and on our online store, you will find the latest Esprit collections.